Academic English Exams

Among academic qualifications, which means those that are recognized by universities around the world for prospect students, there are International ESOL (IESOL) certificates of LanguageCert and IELTS Academic Training of Cambridge Language Assessment. At the moment most universities recognize both qualifications as equal. To see the full list of universities and colleges recognizing IESOL exams, click here.

LYNKO academy has vast experience preparing students for both types of qualification. At this moment we offer IESOL B1 Achiever,IESOL B2 Communicator and IESOL C1 Expert video courses enriched with an authentic exam experience and mind hacks modules, helping candidates to prepare for the exam also mentally, while IELTS is available as a Guided real time course of 10, 15 or 20 hours.

To understand better the difference between these two exams and make an informed decision, look at the table:

To know more about IESOL B2 and IESOL C1 video courses prepared for each exam module watch the videos.

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