General English Certificates

General English Exams are the most popular exams among learners. These are exams ranging from A1 to C2 levels for LanguageCert exams and from A2 to C2 for Cambridge exams. The exams are dedicated to learners aged 12+.

Among LanguageCert general/academic qualifications - International ESOL (IESOL) there are exams such as: A1 Preliminary, A2 Access, B1 Achiever, B2 Communicator, C1 Expert and C2 Mastery, available as online exams that you can take at home, school or office any time of the day and any day of the year with the live proctor, getting your results within 3 working days.

IESOL exams are two-module exams - Listening, Reading and Writing (LRW) and Speaking (S). You may choose to take either of them or both, and as a result you will receive two certificates.


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The exams are also available at our LanguageCert Approved Testing Centre in Piaseczno, Poland, or in exam centres around the world as Computer-based and Paper-based exams.

Additionally, as a Cambridge Exams Preparation Centre, we provide students around the world with Video and Tutored Video exam preparation courses for so-called Main Suit Cambridge exams, including A2 Key, B1 Preliminary, B2 First, C1 Advanced and C2 Proficiency. The lower Main Suit (A2-B2) is available as "for Schools" version, which is adjusted to school students.

However, Cambridge exams are only available as Paper-based and Computer-based exams, therefore, in order to take any of these exams, you must contact your local Cambridge Exam Centre.

Currently Available Video & Tutored Courses

If you're interested in preparing for IESOL B2 Communicator Written and/or Spoken module, IESOL B1 Achiever Written and/or Spoken module, B2 First or C1 Advanced exams, you may opt for a Video Course or a Tutored Video Course, providing you with personal tutor's unlimited online support and 2 hours of real-time video calls on request. To see the curriculum of the courses and to enroll for the chosen one, click on the chosen picture.


IESOL B1 16-day video course


IESOL B1 7-day video course


IESOL B2 15-day video course


IESOL B2 7-day video course

B2 First Exam Preparation Course with Meditation Practice

B2 First 35-day video course

C1 Advanced Exam Preparation Course with Meditation Practice

C1 Advanced 35-day video course

To know more about IESOL B1 and IESOL B2 video courses watch the videos.

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