English Exams Preparation

To unlock the door to your brilliant future more and more often you must prove your skill with a formal qualification in English. LYNKO academy specializes in preparing students for LanguageCert exams and Cambridge exams, being simultaneously a Cambridge Exam Preparation Centre and a LanguageCert Approved Test Centre.

All the courses are available in a real-time online format as Guided Courses of 10h, 15h or 20h, while some of them are already available as Video Courses or Tutored Video Courses, being a Video Course with a personal online tutor who will clarify all your doubts in writing and/or during 2 hours of real-time individual or small group tutoring in a form of video calls.

Check here if the exam and the level you're interested in is already available as a Video Course.

If you're not sure which type of exam and what level of qualification would be the right choice for you, you can start with the level assessment. It'll allow us to advise you on the best exam choice for you.

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