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LYNKO academy's intention is to TRANSFORM the face of language education rendering it more efficient, fast and less 'painful' for learners. We do it at a few different levels, starting with helping learners to change their misleading beliefs about language learning and their capabilities of learning the language.

Educational systems aren't adjusted to the modern world and our actual needs, but they still influence a lot the way we think of learning and the ways we study. These are schools that convince learners that it takes years to learn something, at the same time teaching us that the harder something looks, the bigger reward for that there is, therefore, we quickly tune in this system, believe in it and act accordingly. Understanding and believing that learning a language doesn't necessarily take years of hard work, but the right attitude, a clear goal and regular practice at the right level of mind - the alpha level, is the beginning to be a successful learner of anything, not only English.

Thanks to technology now we provide our students with affordable and always available training with two principal goals - to help them to prepare for a chosen English exam as well as to show them better and more effective ways of achieving their goals with the use of meditation, Creative Visualization and fast reading practice, among others.

Different modes to study

Thanks to technology, we're able to provide our students with various modes to study adjusted best to their needs and preferences.

One of the options is a video course preparing for a specific English exam with a little twist - you'll learn how to put yourself at an alpha level of mind - relaxed body, sharp mind that allows you to learn better, Creative Visualization practice and, for courageous students, Quantum Jumping, not to mention the support you'll get in fast reading with better understanding. Depending on the exam and its level, the course takes between 5 and 36 days to complete. Your Video Course can be accompanied with individual mentoring if you choose so. You can also opt for a real-time exam preparation Guided Course and get the Video Course preparing for the chosen exam as a gift.


*Depending on the country of residence, the prices may add VAT of 23%.

Currently Available Video & Tutored Courses

To enroll for one of our Video Courses and Tutored Courses or to try out FREE mini courses, click on the chosen picture. For Guided Exam Preparation Courses contact us through a contact form or through messenger in the right bottom corner.

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